Fire Alarm Systems:

Early warning in the event of fire is crucial when helping to prevent harm to people and property.

Our team of experienced Consultants and Engineers are readily available to complete a risk assessment and subsequent installation and commissioning of all Fire Alarm Systems as per your requirements and according to the NSAI (National Standard Authority of Ireland) I.S. 3218:2009 Standards.

Fire Alarms | Fire Alarm Systems - Allwatch Alarms

Allwatch install NSAI approved products to ensure quality and reliability. We install both Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarm Systems.

Your Fire Alarm System may be connected to a Central Monitoring Station (CMS) for 24/7 monitoring.

In the event of activation the CMS can alert authorities to the early warnings of an impending fire thus saving valuable time and risk.

All Public properties must have a Fire Alarm System installed with an active Maintenance Contract in place.

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Components of a Fire Alarm System subject to requirement may include:

• Control Panel
• Smoke Detector
• Heat Detector
• Break Glass Unit
• Internal Siren
• External Siren

Break Glass Unit - Allwatch Alarms
Internal Siren - Allwatch Alarms

Maintenance Contracts:

We offer reasonably priced Maintenance Contracts to help ensure that your system is always fully operational.

Fire Alarm Systems require quarterly inspections per annum to comply with Fire regulation Standards.